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Welcome Mates to the United States Junior Chamber Crew Web Site!

We have added the nomination form to the website. To nominate someone for the CREW click here.
A copy can also be found in the "CREW INFO" section of the website.

The Winter 2020 Log of the S.S. Fellowship is now available
click here!

Crew Reunion 2020
June 20, 2020 Greensboro, NC
For more information check out the Winter 2020 Log.

When was the last time you considered and
acted on providing financial support to the Jaycees?
Maybe it is time to visit the Foundations Web Site and make a contribution.

There are several new levels of fellowship contributions and you can even contribute to help support the on-line archive that is under development.

It is quick, easy, online, secure and once you register
you can even view your history of contributions!


Passing of crew members and other information click here.

This web site was launched at the 68th Crew Reunion held on March 12-14, 2004 in Tulsa, OK.

Now a brief tour:

First no matter where you are, click on the Log of the S.S. Fellowship picture at the top of every page and you will return to this page.

  • CREW Volunteers - We will post names and email addresses to those who are volunteering to manage the CREW (if anyone could really manage this CREW) so you know who to contact about what.
  • Photos/Highlights - We hope to have some fun here. If you have photos (and descriptions), we will be posting them here on the site.  Information on how to provide this information is listed. We will also post highlights of reunions here as well.
  • The Log - We hope to be able to offer the Log of the S.S. Fellowship here and maybe save some postage.  if you are willing to view it on line, a paper copy would not need to be mailed.  We hope to ask MATES to let the KEEPER OF THE LOG informed and may be able to over time have more and more visit here for the Log of the S.S. Fellowship.
  • History - This will highlight the history of the USJCCCREW.  Wayne Field has developed a history of the crew and our intent is to publish it here on the web site.
    Crew Info - This is intended for general CREW information that may be provided including CREW reunion information. A copy of the CREW nomination form can also be found in this section of the website.
  • Crew List - The idea here is to upload the current list of MATES as a searchable database.  MATES will be able to enter a first name or last name, city or state and be able to immediately pull up any records we have for those categories.
  • Crew Update - Let's say you have recently moved or notice when you pull your record up on the CREW list that something is not right.  You will be able to access this page and complete basic information to be passed on to the CREW Volunteers to update the database and keep your records current.
  • Yahoo Group - There is currently a mailing list that has been developed through Yahoo Groups and many MATES are currently subscribed and involved.  IF a MATE who is not involved whishes to do so a link to be "invited" will be included and a direct link to the group swill also be available.

This is our first step to share the fellowship originally intended by the establishment of the CREW and the original KEEPER OF THE LOG  MATE John Armbruster. We are just hoping we can take advantage of the technology available and keep everyone a little closer!



Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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